Patti Wardlaw

wardlaw-2016-20Driven by a deep desire for inner peace and health, Patti has spent over 20 years learning and experiencing various healing modalities and spiritual teachings. When Patti discovered qigong her long held anxiety and fatigue virtually diminished and her health, happiness and vitality increased substantially.

Inspired by her experience, Patti was compelled to share qigong with others, and in June 2016, she completed the Medical Qigong Teacher Training Certification offered by Mario Argento of Qigong Calgary.

In August 2016 Patti began sharing qigong with others. Located in inner southwest Calgary, Patti now offers group classes several times a week. She also offers private and semi-private coaching sessions and is available to teach qigong at workshops or events.

Patti creates a warm and compassionate space for transformation and healing by incorporating meditation and self-reflection into her classes. She also encourages her students to be humble and gentle with themselves as they find practical ways to integrate qigong into their daily lives.

Patti has been overwhelmed by the positive response to her teachings, and embraces each class as an opportunity to deepen her connection to her students.

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Cory Jager

QiGong Instructor/Healer, Reiki Master, Artist!

Cory has trained with QiGong teachers such as Mario Argento, Lee Holden, and Lin Kai Ting in various styles of QiGong. His personal style combines his training, in both QiGong and other healing modalities like Reiki, to provide usable information for today’s modern world.

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Linda Varro

Linda lives in Calgary and is a mediator/coach/facilitator in Conflict Resolution,  as well as a Qigong instructor. Her degree in Psychology and certificates in Adult Education work well in both fields.  She works for Mount Royal University in the Conflict Resolution Program as a coach and facilitator and at Civil Court and for an EAP company as a mediator.

She began Qigong classes three years ago and trained as an instructor under Mario Argento (formerly of 7th Chakra) in 2016 and completed the Fai Chi Healing Level 1 in November under Master Teresa.  Linda is committed to health and wellness and Qigong forms an integral part of that.

She teaches at Woodcreek Community Association on Monday nights and is also available for private instruction.

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403 457-4204


Marilyn Wong

Marilyn has a compassionate and dedicated desire to heal and restore body mind & spirit in all who seek it.  Healing together from the inside out.

For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth” Sanskrit proverb: Qigong is the gentle path to self-awareness and self-healing, through chi/breath awareness we heal the world one loving breath at time.

Marilyn has been practicing yoga for over 37 years, Certified Medical Qigong & Shibashi teacher, Registered Karuna Reiki Master, Certified Usui Reiki Master, NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist with a Certification in Advanced Regression Hypnosis. Currently studying Yoga Therapy at the Yoga Studio College.

She currently teaches Qigong and Yoga at the Yoga Studio Oak Bay   127, 2515 – 90th Avenue SW.

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